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URGENT: brain v2 does not start anymore / only flashes like in bootloader mode

Today when I was powering up my controller (consisting of two brain v2 controllers) one did not work anymore. It does not show up as a usb device but instead keeps some of the leds blinking brightly / alternatingly flashing like when in bootloader mode. There is however nothing connected to the bootloader pins. Quick debug: I even disconnected all headers / midi /power with the same result. 

Is this device dead? (why??)

If there is anything that I can try to get it working again, please give me a fast response as I need the controller in a show in around 40 hours. and am not sure how I could replace it.


  • Update: Out of a sudden it started working again - except button header 2 which seams mostly dead .(2/16 working).

    But even if it would work completly again I cannot trust the controller anymore. It works in some pieces on my desk now but it's highliy likely it doesn't do it when I'm in the venue. That is extremly frustrating.

  • Hi von_zimt,

    Let's see if I can help you find the cause here.

    The bootloader button triggers Button Row 8. (Specifically BC16, BR8 if you used the direct wire method).
    Did you have a module connected to the B8 pin Header, when your Brainv2 was stuck in firmware update mode?
    Alternatively, did you have anything connected to BC16-BR8, when your Brainv2 was stuck in firmware update mode? 

    One other note is,
    If anything on your device shorts Button Row 8 to High Voltage, then the device will get stuck in Bootloader Mode until the short is removed.
    If the previous comments did not help, you should be able to move one Button Header at a time to find the offending component/module.

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