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Improving the Base // Step Sequecer

Hello guys,

I wanted to ask if anyone has modified (or thought of modifying) the script of the Base // in ableton in order to get a full 32 pad step sequencer. The 16 pad default works well but gets a little crammed when using longer loops, and 32 would seem like a good amount.

Let me know what you think.


  • I'm generally available for commissioned work, something like that would be doable.  Drop me a private message if you're interested ;)


  • hey @amounra

    I don't really have a budget for that type of request:( but thank you for your offer, you're always very kind. I was just wondering if someone here had done it already or had the intentions of doing it. I have basic programming skills and if someone was willing to collab on a script for that purpose it'd be awesome.


  • Update: The Aurex Roxo templae for Base 2 includes 32 step sequencers to make use of the full pads. 

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