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DS1 as 5 sends controller in Ableton 9.6

When I was on Ableton 9.5 someone at Livid Instruments made a simple modification to the main script so that I could use the five DS1 knobs per fader to control the first 5 sends. This was very useful for dub mixing. Now that script is broken in 9.6. Does anyone know what modifications I can make to the new scripts to control 5 sends instead of only controlling 2 sends?


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      I definitly need that function to replace the macro control by sends. Would be f**** amazing. Maybe one of the buttons on the 3*3 matrix on the right of the machine to switch from macro to send control.
      @Cosmicartistry : I don't know anything in Python programing but I've got a friend that do pretty well in that domain. But he's a little bit short timed. Do you have that modification you are talking about ? That could be a great starter for us. I would keep you in touch !!


  • Nice to know I'm not the only one in need of this functionality. Especially for dub it is imperative to control all 5 sends without hassle and with tracks in the control ring.

    Here is the response from Livid with a link to the script that works in Ableton Live 9.5. Please share if you have luck modifying the current scripts to cause this functionality:

    Hey there, 

    A small change to the script makes it grab the tracks first 5 sends instead of the device parameters.

    Here's a link to a copy of the script with the change, hopefully this does what you're needing:

    You'll need to put the folder inside your MIDI Remote Scripts folder and restart Live.

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