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Wire an arcade button as an analog input?

I'm considering getting a Brain Jr for a project. I need 23 buttons, but I don't need many analog inputs. I could get a v2, but that is overkill for this project and a lot more expensive. I was wondering -- is it possible to wire an arcade button on an analog input and have it work the same way it normally would? I don't need velocity sensitivity or anything.


  • I've got the same desire as Threeleggedyoyo, but when I tried yobro787's solution, I got no signal from the analog-wired buttons in the test utility. I suspect that maybe I'm using the wrong value resistor, but yobro787 doesn't give a description of his working resistor. Can anyone shed some light?

  • Hold up - Moon gave some detailed answers on my other thread -- i'm going to fire up the soldering iron tonight and see if I can't get this to work once and for all! :)

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