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Base precision mode sysex


what is the sysex to set a touch fader on the Base to precision mode. I would set it up in the editor but everytime i load up my Reason Codec it gets set back to abs+fine.
Cant find the sysex in the documentation.


  • edited June 2016

    To clarify what i am misunderstanding in the editor the output modes of a touchfader are called:


    Because the touch slider is a programmable, digital device, we've programmed a few ways to output values from your fingers.

    • Absolute with fine - The slider varies values from 0-127, bottom to top. Use a second finger ("pinch") to fine tune the value
    • Precision - The slider varies from 0-127, but uses interpolation between the conductive elements to make the slider more precise
    • Fine - The slider will increment (or decrement if the direction of motion is down) from the current value, bounded by 0 and 127. It may take several "swipes" on the touch pad to reach 127 (or 0)!
    • Relative - Similar to an encoder in relative mode, upward gestures will output the value 127, downward gestures will output 1. This is good for scrolling through track lists, for example.

    But in the sysex documentation i can only find:

    Command 3C (60) : Capacitive Fader Output Mode

    There are several output modes for the capacitive touch sliders that can be controlled with this message. There are nine bytes, one for each slider. Each byte has four bits that control the slider output mode, note output on touch, and note velocity output. Change the bits in the bytes as follows:

    0-1: Output Mode byte values: (0)=Absolute+Fine, (1)=Absolute, (2)=Bounded Relative, (3)=Unbounded Relative 2 = Send note-on when fader is touched. 3 = Note is fixed or variable velocity (based on slider position).
    • Length: 9
    • Default (bits 1100 - Absolute+Fine mode, Send note-on enabled, note-on is fixed velocity): (hex , dec)
      • 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
      • 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

    Is precsion the same as "Absolute"? Fine=Bounded relative and Relative=Unbounded Relative?

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