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using livid ds1, push 1 and ableton 9.6 together

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Question, i'm using Ableton 9.6, push one(for one shots and instruments) and a Livid DS 1 to control/mix the 1st 8 tracks in my project(drms, bass, gtr, horns, keys ect) my problem with the setup is 2 fold, First the 6th fader on the Livid controller when moved always brings up the device window for the fourth track(which i don't want)2ndly how can i trigger the one shots on the PUSH unit w/o triggering the whole track to play and vice versa, any help regarding these problems will be greatly appreciated, thanx in adva


  • It sounds like you have some Remote assignments in your project that you need to clear, or some custom MIDI assignments on DS1.  It's also possible that you have your MIDI preferences assigned incorrectly....hard to tell, I'd need more information.

    Some things you can do:

    1.  Start from a blank project (and make sure your template project doesn't have any remote assignments in it) to see if you are still having these issues.

    2.  Try resetting your DS1 to its factory defaults with the editor.

    3.  Double check your Ableton MIDI preferences to make sure that everything is assigned correctly.

    Hope this helps.

    I have used Push and DS1 many times together without having these issues.


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