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Problem with my new Base II Pad

I recently purchased a new base 2 and am having a problem with one of the pads.  I am using my Base with Reason 8.3 on a Mac with the most recent scripts downloaded from your site.  I believe the problem lies in the Reason Script. Pad 8 (Note #43) is non responsive.  I get no sound when playing any instruments.  I have checked midi messages and it appears to be sending signals but in reason I get nothing.  I looked at it in the editor and it was responsive and I didn't notice any difference between it and other working pads in the inspector.  I tested it in Ableton and the pad worked when using the Ableton Scripts.  Another minor issue but also something I noticed was fader 1 sometimes sticks and stops sending signal until I unplug and replug the Base back in any ideas what could be causing these problems?

Thanks for any help.
One last question......In the redrum pattern sequencer in reason is there a way to play drum 9 and 10 or are you limited to just the 8 pads?  I couldn't find anything about it in the wiki.  


  • I'm having the exact same problem with Pad 8 (note #43) when using Reason. Is there a solution to this?

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