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Connectivity Issues - Live Performance

I'm having several problems with my new Livid Guitar wing - and unless they are remedied it is simply not ready for live performance.

1. If the guitar wing becomes unpaired from the USB I have to unplug the USB, turn off the guitar wing, and then replug the USB and turn on the guitar wing. This is unacceptable for a live performance.

2. In order to initially connect to Ableton I must also perform these steps after the computer turns on. While this isn't as big a deal because I can do this before performance it is quite a hassle. It should auto pair on startup without me having to unplug/turn on.

3. The guitar wing becomes randomly disconnected. This is a huge issue especially considering the steps I need to take to reconnect. The USB and the wing are within less than five feet of each other at all times and there is not obvious trigger for the disconnect.

What can be done about this?
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