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Can the ds1 re-scan every analog input by using a sysex "snapshot" command or equivalent?

Hello - I am trying to implement a controller using the ds1 with MAX software.  I need a way so that if the ds1 is already plugged into my computer and I launch/startup MAX program I want to send a sysex command  to re-scan every analog input and report the value with the usual MIDI Channel Messages, even if it has not changed.

I saw a command for other products but did not see one for the ds1 in the wiki... is there any way I can do this?

Really like the ds1 so far and my work around is only to plug in the ds1 after I start-up MAX.  I would like to just leave it plugged in.  Thanks in advance for your time.



  • Justin - I tried this (I know it took me awhile!) and it does not seem to work.  So I used a command like Request Controller I have a "sysexin DS1" command that prints to console and it reports back the product name, manufacture date and firmware just fine (as described in:   If I issue the command you gave me for Request Snapshot there is no response.  I also successfully upgraded my firmware to version 1.26

    Are you sure this is the right sysex command for this purpose?  I did not see in the write up in above mentioned page.  Thanks for you help. -Greg.
  • Justin - Hmm did not seem to work.  I am now running v128.  Anything else I can try?  Thank you. -Greg.

  • Justin - cool program!  Only problem is that when I run MAX MSP then it takes hijacks the DS1 MIDI port so I can't run the Livid MIDI monitor.  I can, however, print out the Sysex reply right in the MAX Console window. (see attached - the code is up in the upper left side of image).  When I run this older sysex message I found online  240 0 1 97 16 7 6 0 0 247 I get a reply (the numbers are repeated in MAX Console window.  When I run the command you gave me 240 0 1 97 16 7 16 0 0 247 I don't see anything displayed in the MAX Console window.  Nor does the levels get update in the Max environment.  If I unplug the DS1 USB plug and plug it back in the values update.  Thank you for your help with this. -Greg.

  • Justin - it works!  Thank you - your support is awesome!! -Greg.

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