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brain v2: feature request / midi type none

I like how each element (led / digital in / analog) can be assigned to a midi note or cc value via the "Brain v2 Configure" tool. The following examples and use cases are all with this tool, not with directly sending SysEx data.

As duplicate entries are unfortunately not allowed in the config lists (imo: does make sense for the buttons and analogs but not for the leds / might of course be due to how it's currently implemented) it's very time consuming to set all elements up. One has to edit the whole list and cannot build it piece for piece as there would likely be duplicates.

It gets worse when leds are grouped (e.g.) rgb: e.g.:

  • id | midi | type | group size | group style
    0 | 0    | note | 3          | rgb
     1 | A    | note | ^3         | ^rgb
     2 | B    | note | ^3         | ^rgb

Why do values A and B in the above example even have to be specified? As sent data with those midi numbers gets ignored anyhow, they should also be excluded from the unique midi number check.

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