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bug in brain v2 firmware 2.02 / cannot use led with id 191

edited April 2016 in Software Discussion

There is a bug in the current brain v2's firmware (and possibly in older ones as well?). Basically this renders one output unuseable. I noticed it only now because my current project is using nearly all of the led outputs on the devices.


- brain v2
- firmware: 2.02 / firmware 2.02 alias
- connected via USB


- an LED connected to header 8 / pin 4 ("4th anode") / pin 10 ("6th cathode") =ID 191 can't be controlled via midi
- if the LED is part of an LED group (tested with RGB / 3) it works
- it also lights up when using the "all LEDs on" function via the "Brain v2 Configure" app

Tested with an LED directly at the header. There is no difference if I select the midi type note or cc. Resetting the devices to their defaults does not solve the problem, either. I tested this case on two different brain v2's (one with the 2.02, one with the 2.02 alias firmware) which lead to the behaviour like I described.

Last LED that could be connected - sounds like an off by 1 bug. ;-)
Please contact me if you need further information to get this problem traced and fixed.

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