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Selecting Guitar Wing Presets Using an External Midi Controller


Is there a way to select Guitar Wing presets using a Midi controller so that, for example, each preset could be treated as a song? I would like to be able to select a different Wing preset using a foot controller every time i select a different bank on the foot controller.

Could this be achieved by controlling the Wing editor software externally?


  • I'm using the RJM Mastermind GT foot controller.

    I can send any Midi message with this unit so there would need to be some way to make either the Wing software or the Wing itself respond to Midi messages to call up Wing presets

    This would be fantastic...that way for each song in a setlist the Wing could have different settings for each pad and controller.

    I'm guessing the Wing doesn't have any onboard memory to store any presets?

  • Thanks for the info. So what does the default setting mean? Is this a factory default or a default user preset?

    Well to start..around 20 onboard presets would be ideal.

    If i'm using GW with the Kenton host so that i can send Midi direct to my guitar rig without using a computer, will GW then be able to receive the Sysex messages via the Kenton?

  • My setup is as follows (this is the order of the Midi signal chain)

    Guitar Wing > Kenton

    Kenton > RJM Mastermind Midi Foot Controller > Switchblade > RJM Effect Gizmo > Marshall JVM > Axe FX II

    Kenton > Mainstage

    So as the GW is a midi controller, i would think the ability to have several banks of presets in a midi controller would be pretty standard. The reason i would need more than one user preset onboard is that for some songs i would want to assign the pads to say, one piece of gear on one Midi channel, and on other songs i might only want to control Mainstage for example, and on another a combination of several pieces of gear on multiple Midi channels.

    The sysex method outlined above would really help i can only store/recall one user preset onboard and have no use for the factory default (i'm assuming factory default means non user-definable default)

  • That's great thanks a lot Moon..i think onboard presets would open up a lot of control to users.

    With Mainstage for example, you can do the mapping in Mainstage to respond to a fixed template of settings from GW. With guitar gear (rack fx, switchers etc) ideally you would want to be able to have the same control that a midi foot controller has.

  • Hey Moon, or any of you guy's. any of this that  luca9583 has up here, going to be possible? I've notice that most all post on the GW, when it comes to any kind of answer ever posted,,,, That answer has been removed.  So I guess this isn't really a Q&A per se.     

  • edited January 2018

    Hi 02DropD,

    Yes, unfortunately, we had a big spam issue a while back,
    and in the cleanup one of our moderator's posts were deleted, creating a handful of ghost posts like this one.
    I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm glad you wrote in for clarification.

    We are currently working on methods of sending presets for Guitar Wing and Minim that do require less user interaction.
    You can currently save and send presets in the Guitar Wing and Minim Editor's using the 'presets' menu ('save to file'/ 'load from file').

    Improvements related to 'presets', will not be part of the release coming in the next week, but they are scheduled be part of the following release, due in February.

  • OK, thanks Moon, that sound like good news

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