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Guitar Wing send command


I apolagize if this question has already been treated. It's a newbie question.

After a few tests with the unit, recently received, it appears to me that the communication with the PC seems to be only one way (from unit to PC).
For example, new samples loaded in GW FX, can't load in the unit. I can't either change midi channels on the unit. Only in the editor.
The software don't appear to have a "send" function.
Is that normal? 
What is the procedure to send my newly created preset with all commands on channel 2, to my unit.
Same question for my new samples loaded in WingFX.

Thanks in advance


  • edited April 2016
    By defaut, when you open the FX extension (standalone or VST), the four button always play the same drums samples.
    What i want to know is: can the defaut loops be replaced and saved permanently for next uses of WingFX, 
    instead of having to be loaded every new time, which is currently the case for me.
    My audio loops are wav files. In the standalone version I can load them once but the next time i open Wing FX
    the defaut loops will be played instead of mine.

    Gwing editor
    Well, as you said, in the editor i pressed: presets/ load from file/selected my own preset, but nothing was sent to the unit. For example if i check the data sent by the unit in the Midi Monitor, they're still on ch 1 instead of 2. 
    Is there something i missed?

  • Nobody to answer this post?

  • ok, the problem of sending channel modifications to the unit is solved since the firmware has been updated (1.34).

  • ok i'll let you know...

    Ah! For example i have some trouble using GW with Reaper, but htis probably due to the software itself.
    I'll try yo be more precise in a next post.

    All the best for Guitar Wing
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