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Guitar Wing Ableton Live Sets missing after installing!....HELP!

After installing the Ablent Live script download for Windows in Midi Remote Scripts, I can't find the live sets that are supposed to be in documents! I have searched all the PC for the sets but they are not installed! 

Can anybody help me?


  • Thanks a lot Moon....that was exactly what was missing!....

    While I am here I wish to mention something GW arrived last Tuesday.....and having had other issues with software had not tried it well. On having done so I have noticed the second side button from the bottom does not switch on an off smoothly as the others do! Can this be a problem in a near future or is it that it is new and near some wearing in?
    I tried to sign into the forum and tried changing password but I kept getting a message saying "entry has been denied" so I have registered again and with a different name.
  • Hi, please can you tell why i havent the templates for ableton? Want to load them but i havent, i searched in the docs folder where supposed to be but dont. Well, hope someone can answer my question thanks

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