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Cntrl-r usb noise

edited March 2016 in Hardware

Hello there !

I'm using a Cntrl-r with Live 9 since 2 years and recently i've noticed a massive, constant and unexplained noise comming from the usb.
I'm sure i didn't have it before and it came progressively, comming in then disapear without reason the first times.. It made me check my whole gears and the whole sound's chain in my studio before i've finally found out that the noise came from the Cntrl-r usb... now it's constant unless i unplug the usb, making the Cntrl-r useless...
I've changed the cable off course but no change... I'm using the elektron overhub but I've tested the usb plug on different slots straight on the computer and the noise remain the same.
Did anyone have the same issue ?
Any help would be appreciated !


  • edited March 2016

    Same problem here, first you have to check all switches on the back, they have to be turned down. It helped me a bit, however I still have noise while connecting MIDI cable to analog synths, so I'm using it only to send midi clock to elektron MD.

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