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Alias 8 occasional double trigger.


I use an Alias 8 with Ableton live. I have one of the buttons set to Scene advance. Maybe one out of every fifteen times I press it, it will advance two scenes instead of one. I have done 100ish shows with the thing, since I often have one hand poised over that button, I suspect that sweat or club grime has gotten into the device and gummed up the connection so that the external button doesn't come off the internal one as fast as it should.

I'm almost positive that it's a physical cause, since when I switch it over to a different button, it works fine for a while. I could do that again, but I don't want to run out of buttons when it's something can just be fixed by cleaning.

How easy is it to take the thing apart and clean? 
Or could there be another problem? 



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