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Problem with Ohm RGB and the Ohm Modes n Ableton Live 9.1.10


I have a frustrating problem right now. I have a Ohm RGB and use it with Ableton Live 9 (9.1.10 to be exact). I always use the Ohm modes and noticed that the Octave buttons didn't work as they supposed to, everything else worked fine though. so I installed the scripts for live 9.1. Now the ohm rgb doesn't load the script at all, it's just blank. I tried installing the one for live 9, same thing... this is freaking me out right now, as I have a show coming up. 
Please help me with this, I don't know what to do.
Thanks in Advance,

p.s. the firmware on the ohm is 0076 and I'm using Osx 10.6.8


  • We can only provide support for the most current version of Live.  Ableton has been making major changes to their controller API since Push was released, which makes it very difficult for us to maintain working versions of our scripts that aren't version specific.

    Normally I would recommend updating to Live 9.6 (the current version) and using our most current installer.  Is your machine capable of running OS X 10.7.5?  
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