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Livid Elements - want to get two row rack upgrade from one

A couple places have Elements modules on closeout and I figure it might be my last chance to go from my one level (4 modules) elements rack- to the two level, 8 module holder. I am not going to buy modules without that second rack. I don't want to do anything with the modules in a Eurorack or different kind of setup. Just want to build on to my Elements.

Maybe someone out there wants to go from two levels down to one? I'd be willing to trade, since I don't know what I'd do with the single row rack after I do get the other one,

I'm open to ideas, but primarily am just looking for that two rack unit. There's an eBay store n the UK with one, but it seems overpriced at $290 plus UK to US shipping (unspecified). Maybe I'm wrong nd that's a good price. But I figured someone on here is more likely to think about it and realize they want to sell / trade down from their two tiered elements rack to one.

Let me know if any of this interests you or you know of a unit for sale...
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