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Brain JR wires keep popping out

edited March 2016 in Hardware

Need a little help, I didnt get a shield for the brain jr to solder my wires to, and Im having a hard time keeping my wires in (I actually had to use a thicker gauge wire and cut some pins off, as I couldnt find the adequate cable type recomended in my country), it fits in perfectly and actually stays snug while im hooking the cables up, but once I try to put the top of my enclosure on and thus bending the wires a bit since I have the top, with the wires on it at a 90 degree angle before its closed down, the wires pop out of place when closing. any tips how I could keep them from popping out given my circumstances?  


  • image Im trying to upload a picture but im not sure if its working, here is a link though I didnt consider the hot glue gun option yet, I was just trying to bend the wires over enough till they were in place while closing but the jumble of them bending and pushing each other while closing is popping them out, but maybe if i do glue them down to the bottom from about an inch and a half from the tip entering the board, that may be enough to stop them from moving, I will attempt it when I get back from work and report back. Thanks Moon!

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