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Brain / Brain Jr. Faders, Encoders, Pot Values

edited March 2016 in Hardware

Hey All-

Since I have so many different kinds of pots and faders and a few encoders, and since Livid is SOLD OUT of their own Pots, I was wondering if anyone knew the proper ohm values for wiring up pots (especially) EDIT: WIKI SAYS BETWEEN 10K-100K OHM FOR POTS. I'D ASSUME THE SAME FOR SLIDE POTS (Faders) AND ENCODERS. TRUE?, and faders, and encoders to the Brain and Brain Jr.

I have a Livid Elements with a Brain v2 in it that has some open spots and I am going to put a stereo 1/4" jack in it and wire it to the analog section for an expression pedal. 

The Brian Jr. is going to be a sort of "catch all" for controls I want in addition to ones I have with my Livid CNTRL:R, Launchpad, and other MIDI controllers. Just a box with:

3 LED lit Arcade style buttons I'll map for specific mutes
3 non lit arcade style buttons for triggering controls within looper in Ableton
5 different pots to control FX on my MX-1
2 stereo 1/4" jacks for expression pedals
2 mono 1/4" jacks for momentary pedals - I'm going to attempt to "play" a kick drum this way. (anyone know if I just wire this to the "buttons" section, as I assume- or if it's done another way?

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    OK. Did it. I know... a bit sloppy, but it works. I got this info from Livid:

    Potentiometer, rotary,:11mm, 100K-ohms, Linear Taper
    Slide Potentiometer:100k-ohms, 60mm, Linear Taper 
    Potentiometer: Slide, 30mm, 10k-ohms, Linear Taper

    Contact Rating-10 mA @ 5 VDC
    Insulation Resistance-100 megohms @ 250 VDC

    In case anyone else needed it...
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