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Change CC and note values on pads/sliders/buttons for 4 User Mode Pages?


Yet another Livid Instruments customer looking to have his cake and Edith too. I purchased the Base II just last week in order to retire my Korg Microkontrol. The thing is, I already have CC and note values MANUALLY assigned to parameters on my template session in ableton, and it would be much easier to have the values correspond on my BassII than have to reprogram everything in ableton (avoiding other remote script conflicts etc.) Is it possible to switch to User Mode pages 1-4 as the Ableton remote script does, but nonetheless assign new values to the buttons, sliders, and pads? Could I accomplish this through the Send Midi section of the Inspector? And if so, how could I then prevent sending midi through controls during the top 4 function buttons, but then send midi as intended in the bottom 4?

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