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Guitar Wing and Amp Head

I'm trying to change channels on my amp head with the guitar wing. I believe this means CC 31 and a number for channel, but the options seem to be pressure sensitive or 0, 64, 127. How do I change to a different number, or am I totally lost already?


  • So I have the new firmware finally installed (had a delay when I went into the hospital), and I think I have the buttons set up correctly (CC 31 Moment 1, CC 31 Moment 2, CC 31 Moment 3, CC 31 Moment 4), but do I want to use the WingFX software to send the Midi out from my phone, or should I use something different? I'm not quite sure what to do once I have this connected as it seems most of the instructions are about how to use the Guitar Wing with different software that I don't have. I just want to use the 4 big buttons to change channels on my amp head for now. The app shows my midi device as the midi output device and the active midi input is the Guitar Wing Bluetooth. I set the device to << none >>.

    What am I missing? It just seems to not send anything from what I can tell.
  • I have a iConnectMidi going from my phone to my Blackstar amp head. I've also tried to an older Line 6 head I have lying around. Neither seem to accept any of the commands sent.

    I guess I'm confused why there is "Active MIDI Input" as the Guitar Wing and "Midi Output" as the iConnect Midi if it's only made for input back into the Wing, which doesn't seem like it would accomplish anything.

  • I installed iMidiPatchbay and still seem to have nothing occurring. Maybe this device is just above my head.

  • I tried some PC host software (Cantabile), and the Midi monitor never shows anything coming from the Guitar Wing. Should I go back to the non-beta version of the software and see if it registers anything?

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