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CNTRL:R HELP - Sending Continuous MIDI Data Error

I just picked up a CNTRL:R in Japan and after plugging it into the online editor I noticed it was sending a continuous midi signal.  I took a screen capture and pasted it below.  Also plugging it into live the master volume control in Live was behaving erratically.

Using Midi Monitor I got this result:
23:13:40.062 From Controls Control 1 Channel Volume (fine) 0
23:13:40.082 From Controls Control 1 Modulation Wheel (fine) 0
23:13:40.083 From Controls Control 1 Breath Control (fine) 0
23:13:40.129 From Controls Control 1 Portamento Time (fine) 1
23:13:40.130 From Controls Control 1 Data Entry (fine) 2

The firmware is the latest version.
I am running OSX version 10.9.5

Could you advise on how to solve this issue?



  • Hi Jozsef,

    I am Mike and also a CNTRL:R user. Have you tried to reset the CNTRL:R to its factory settings in the editor?

    Make sure that once you done that you save the changes to the CNTRL:R as well, else it won't have any effect.

  • Hi guys, I had this same problem with my CNTRL:R. Check little switches on the back panel - all eight switches should be in lower position. Hope this helps.

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