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OhmRGB and sending Song Select message to a Squarp Pyramid sequencer

edited February 2016 in Hardware
I just purchased a OhmRGB Slim controller and it is on it's way.  Hoping to use it for something I can't find a reference to on the howto/wiki/forums.

Can a button be programmed to send a Song Select message?  I've poured through the documentation, and even tried to load the online editor, but it doesn't appear to want to load without the hardware!  

I have a Squarp Pyramid MIDI/CV sequencer and they have just released a limited MIDI spec.  A project (song) on the Pyramid consists of 16 sequences (they are going to expand to at least 32 sequences).  Each sequence consists of mute states of 64 tracks.

My idea is to use one bank on the OhmRGB to setup buttons for each sequence, which can be sent to the Pyramid via a Song Select message.  So I want 16 buttons, one for each Song Select message.

Once I have selected the sequence, I will switch to another bank on the OhmRGB, where each of the 64 tracks will be represented by a button that sends CC 1 to 64 to select the track on the Pyramid.  I will just program the transport and anything else to be identical on each bank.

This is all a bit theoretical at this point, and may be an expensive experiment.  I had considered an APC40 MkII or Launchpad Pro, but the program-ability and class compliance of the OhmRGB made this a better fit.  Worse case scenario I can use Bome MIDI Translator to convert the OhmRGB messages to what I need, but I was hoping I could program this on the board itself. 

Does this sound feasible?

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