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Ohm RGB pad toggle mode feedback


The question is about Ohm RGB controller. 

I don't own the said controller but looking into getting one. My question is, when I put a pad in toggle mode, can I switch it on and off externally? So, say I put a pad in toggle mode and press it. It is now in ON state and lit. Can I then send a MIDI message TO that pad with velocity 0 to switch it off? I know I can do whatever I want with Ohm's lights, but what about the toggle state? 

On a side note, are Ohm RGB and Ohm RGB Slim completely the same functionality-wise? Would the answer to this question be the same for both controllers? 




  • Thanks for this Justin,

    Do you know the answer to my main question though? When a pad on the ohm controller is in the toggle mode, can I switch its state (on/off) externally, by sending it a midi message?

    Thanks, Ivan

  • Are you sure? Just got the email from livid support saying that I can do this.

    I keep getting different answers for what seems to be a basic question. Would be very grateful if someone with a controller can verify this. To recap. I have an on/off toggle switch in my patch mapped to an ohm pad in toggle mode. I press the pad on ohm, it sends value 127(or smth) and the switch is on. Now I press a reset button in my patch and everything including my switch goes to off position. Is this reflected in the controller? If I press the pad, will it still send velocity 0 or 127, reflecting the change?

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