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Brain jr omni breakout analog pin

Hey s guys I am trying to figure out what the pins are appropriately so i can wire some analog switches to the breakout. I have an omni rGb hooked up but need some analog options unbound to an omni board.


  • Which Breakout board are you using?

    Probably the Omni, if so...
    The Omni Shield creates a pinout like the Brainv2 Uses.

    Specifically, they will act like the Headers labled A1 and A2.
    You can see a picture that labels these pins here:

    And you can see an example of how to wire some knobs to those pins here:

    Let me know if we can help you further with this.
    You will want to add a .01uF or .1uF ceramic (non-polarized) capacitor between each Analog's Signal Pin and the Ground Pin.


  • I am looking for the best way to Hook up button through the analogs

  • Our youtube friend yobro made a video detailing this:

    Button Lead 1: 
    - Wire 1: Connect to Analog + Pin
    Button Lead 2:
    - Wire 1: connect to Analog Signal Pin
    - Wire 2: Connect to 10k-ohm resistor (you can go as high as 100k on the value of the resistor) 
    ---- Connect Other side of the Resistor to the Analog - Pin.

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