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Brain Jr/Brain V2 Sysex Implantation (Again!)

Ok some one please help me!

Here is my situation....

I want to to send sysex messages to a hardware synth (i.e. korg dw 8000 ,ensoniq esq-1,SCI Six Trak, Kawai K3) to adjust the parameters 

Now the question is where do i enter the sysex messages that are in the back of the synth manuals into the Brain and how do i assign them CC values (pots, encoders,and buttons,) from the Brain into the sysex message? 

Below Is an example from the Korg DW 8000 manual using the cutoff parameter.

F0 42 30 03 41 15 00 3f F7 <-------  how to plug the slider or knob cc value into the middle of a SysEx message?

F0Exclusive status
42Manufacturer ID: 42 = Korg
3nWhere n = the MIDI channel of your DW-8000: 30 = channel 1...3f = channel 16
03Device ID: 03 = DW-8000
41Message: 41 = parameter change
15Parameter offset: 15 = VCF cutoff
mmParameter value: 00 to 3f, which would be the value from the slider scaled to 0-63
Please forgive me for my ignorance, but please be as constructive as possible.


  • Thanks Justin, I figured that much. Will there ever be any plans to do this? For those of us that want to control hardware.

  • Thanks moon! That would be rad. In the mean time is there any way to send midicc to a hardware synth ?

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