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Hammond bass pedals

I recently acquired an old hammond organ and I took off the bass pedals to make them into a midi controller to use like taurus pedals.  I got the brain jr to do that job.  But I don't know if I should hook up the notes to the analog or the digital button lines.  Also the wires are a problem. I have 13 black wires for every note, and one brown wire which I assume is a ground, and one brighter brown wire, that I have no clue about. What do I need to do to make this work?



  • It was a hammond L-111

  • I'm interested in doing the same and am doing some research.  In using Hammond and other organ pedals for this purpose, I've seen people either use the existing contact switches in the pedals or install new contact switches.  The existing contact switches I've seen have one or more leads(resembling whiskers)  attached to each pedal.  When a pedal is pressed, the lead(s) attached  to the pedal touch(es) a single wire common to all the pedals and closes the circuit corresponding to that pedal.  

    I also have a question.  The Brain Jr. appears to have a USB output.   I could attache that to some of my equipment, but not all of it.  Rather, I need a 5 pin MIDI connection.  Is there a way to adapt the USB output on the Brain Jr. to communicate via 5 pin MIDI?
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