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code / disable local control and still update LED ring

hei folks,

i'm very new to my code controller and i'm trying to do the following: i'd like to disable local control of LED rings, how ever update the LED rings (via CC messages from max msp) while turning the according pot. i've tried to read up on this and as far as i have come to understand, this is not possible – apparently a pot that is currently turned doesn't react to incoming CC messages for its LED ring. is this correct? is there a way to do it? thanks!


  • edited November 2015

    what you want to do only works when Local Control for both Encosion types (Absolute and Relative) is deactivated…

    Moon's words contain an important truth about the encoders: controlling their LED Rings is not the same as controlling their actual values. When turning an encoder, its value is updated internally and cannot receive new values for a short space of time after letting go of it. Its LED Ring however can receive values. When you run your Code in default mode (factory settings) every LED Ring has the mapping of its encoder + 32, so encoder #1 cas CC 1 but its LED Ring responds to CC 33, which doesn't change the value of the encoder (turn encoder 1 to zero, then send 33 127 and you will see how it skips back when you turn the encoder once more).

    Here is a max 6 patch that makes possible what you want to do, if it doesn't work first try, then save and reload it perhaps. run the patch in presentation mode for this is much clearer.

    However, your wish only really makes sense when you want to send the LED Rings different values than where the encoder is at, otherwise its the same as Local Control ON — am I right?


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