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Guitar Wing Firmware v1.34 and Editor Feature Update - BETA

edited June 6 in Hardware

Howdy folks!

We've been hard at work with Guitar Wing, adding some much requested features, and improving our integration with Hardware Devices and softwares that aren't so MIDI saavy as Ableton Live or Bitwig.
This will be the first of two short beta trials for this update.

This update is in beta, mainly due to lack of documentation, and for time to fine tune the details.
If you run into trouble with the Beta Software/Firmware,
you can always get the latest stable versions of these softwares on our wiki.

Firmware Downloads:

Editor Downloads:

Guitar Wing Editor v1.09 - Mac OS X (10.6+)
Guitar Wing Editor v1.09 - Ubuntu (12.04+)
Guitar Wing Editor v1.09 - Windows (7+)

The Updates

We've added many new configuration options for our advanced users.

You can now set a Minimum and Maximum value for any Key or Control to keep your effects right in the sweet spot.
You can even set a Key to not send an off message at all, opening the door for 'Bank Changes' ( CC0, CC34, and Program Changes for example).

Speaking of Program Changes, you can set up the arrow keys to move the current Program Up and Down with this firmware, or you can use any button to change to a specific Program.
We've also added support for on-board LED Feedback for Program Changes and Bank Changes.

Here's some preset files for the Guitar Wing Editor to get you going with Program Changes and Bank Changes.
Guitar Wing Preset File: All Bank Changes - Channel 1, CC 34
Guitar Wing Preset File: Program Change, with arrows as up down - Channel 1

We've also added some new messages, and the editor now documents some of Guitar Wing's Hidden Features.
Guitar Wing can be configured to send the Start, Continue, and Stop MIDI System Realtime Messages.
Guitar Wing Controls can send Pitchbend Up, Pitchbend Down, or regular old Pitchbend.

To make checking out your changes easier, the Guitar Wing Editor's MIDI Monitor is now more descriptive and displayed by default.

We've added some of the little things that you have requested.
- Advanced Tabs now 'remember' which Advanced Tab was used last.

If are one of those who have been waiting for these features, then check it out!

What's coming in the next Beta?

The features in this Beta are fairly locked, so the Guitar Wing and Editor will not change much for the next beta.
We will respond to any fine tuning requests and provide bug fixes.
For the next beta, we will also be creating an update for the Guitar Wing Connect software.
We are going to be releasing a minor update for the Guitar Wing Firmware Update Utility, as well, and
We will start releasing official documentation for these features.



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