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One Year Later...

I saw the video preview of this from kickstarter and told my wife I had to have it. She got it for me for my Birthday in November of 2014. I use Digital Performer as my DAW of choice, but found that even though it was listed as a compatable software, neither MOTU or Livid have been able to help me get the Wiing to respond to the Midi messages that DP says its's getting. Livid support says they are here for me, while telling me there products are universally compliant and telling me to go to MOTU for the answers. I worked through the issue with MOTU support and they found that I was correct and said they would need to contact Livid and possibly get a GW to research it. That was several months ago. It is an awesome product and I can use it with Guitar Rig, but I use GR with DP. I should not have to switch to another DAW. Has anyone else tried to integrate this with Digital Performer?

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