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how to configure the controller for themselves in Ableton live?

Hello. I bought the controller cntrl r. I need the setting for live performances in Ableton Live.
I tried MIDI Remote Scripts Livid CNTRLR and for me it is not suitable, I want to set it up for yourself. How to do it?
I began to study the instructions ctrl r, and I had a lot of questions as to the midi programming, I have not encountered. I would like to learn how to do it the easiest way.

* ''
Http:// '' or '' CNTRL_R Editor '' - that provide these programs? I did some work in them, but did not understand the structure.
* I suppose I created my settings, but I do not understand how these settings associated with Ableton Live ?!
* Creating a template '' '' He is saved
extension .json, '' CNTRL_R Editor '' is saved with the extension .imd, what to do?

* '' Red box '' how to assign the management of this framework for the encoders and whether it is possible to make it more or less?

* Is it possible to change the MIDI Remote Scripts Livid CNTRLR, rather than rewriting everything from scratch?


  • Thanks for the quick response.
    Do not MIDI mapping, simply because some actions can not be done through MIDI mapipng. Is midi mapping can change the red window frames? Experience programming I have not. I read a little bit about the script and programming language Python and realized that it would be very difficult. 
     I understand that if you change the function thoroughly kntrl p I have to learn python?
    Why then the Web-Editor and what it means to up-to-date?
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