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OHM64 - Repair or Reboot?

 Hi! My OHM 64 (purchased 2011) has been behaving very strangely after a few months of inactivity.

 When I use it with Resolume Avenue the midi mapping starts to trigger multiple items often quite randomly after they've been working OK individually. Is there a way to reset the firmware - would this help? Or can you possibly provide circuit diagrams/information so that someone here in New Zealand can open it up and check it? 

 I noticed about a year ago when midi mapping in VPT 6 that one of the faders wasn't keeping to value 127 at the top end but was hovering around 124-127 which wasn't good. 

 Look forward to hearing your feedback...    




  • Hi Justin,  

     Thanks for the advice. Will give the faders a clean see if that helps. 

     b.t.w - it's an OHM 64 not RGB. Is there a firmware update available for that model?


  • Hi Justin,  

    According to the MAX window my OHM 64 firmware version is:

    Can't tell if the "ohm64_123_BL.hex" file I downloaded is a more recent firmware than that or not? 

     However, I'm unable to enter into Bootloader Mode on my Ohm64 (Wood) by holding down the Livid logo button when plugging in. Two buttons on the 64 bank grid don't blink to indicate that I'm in boot loader mode.

     I found a similar post:  - where someone recommended PCI kit - not sure how that works? 

    btw - I'm on Mac OSX (10.9.5).

    Any idea how I can update the firmware please? 


  •  P.S// Just noticed in Livid Bootloader the firmware version is 1.23 - so more recent than my version

  • Thanks for your prompt response Justin - much appreciated.

     Will give the problematic faders a clean with something like the De-Oxit Fader Lube you recommended. (will have to find something similar over here - will WD40 or a silicon spray do?)

     Was able to track the dodgy faders more accurately in Editor.

     RE: repairs/support ticket - that's a bit uneconomical with me being in Auckland, NZ. 


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