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How to send midi message for start stop and tap tempo from guitarwing to BeatBuddy (drum pedal)

Hi there

I am using the guitarwing as a drum controller of a BeatBuddy drum pedal via a Kenton midi host.
I was able to map some of the buttons to different instruments - now I want to control midi start/stop and tap tempo.
The BeatBuddy pedal is syncronized with eg the BOSS rc-300 and Arturia BeatStep (step seqencer and controller) without any problems.
If I change tempo on those controllers BeatBuddy syncronizes well.

Can you please tell me how to program the guitar wing controller to send midi start/stop and tap tempo messages? - Or will I have to ask for help in the BeatBuddy forums? 

Cheers Måns (Danish guitarist)


  • I found out that BeatBuddy sends and recieves MIDI Clock (0xF8), MIDI Start (0xFA) and MIDI Stop (0xFC).

    What I need to know is how to insert these hexadecimal values as control signals for buttons on the GuitarWing.

  • This is what my rig looks like:

    My (danish) guitar wiki: LuftGuitar/#GuitarWing & BeatBuddy 

  • Hi Justin

    This is very good news indeed :-)
    Thank you very much for working on this feature.
    I will wait and see what you come up with in October :-)
    Btw. Sometimes (very seldom though) the BeatBuddy sequencer pedal will start playing when it is paused and I play drum instruments from the GuitarWing. 
    I don't think this seemingly random activation of the sequencer is related to midi messages from the GuitarWing. 
    I guess it is the BeatBuddy pedal which is having hickups of some kind.

    Thanks again. I look forward for the next update.

    Yours Sincerely Måns Mårtensson
  • Hi Justin

    Is the update postponed untill later - or have I missed it?

    Cheers Måns Mårtensson
  • Hi Justin

    Great job!!

    Thanks a lot.
    I'm looking forward to see if this feature update will solve some of my problems.
    I'll be back with comments as soon as possible.

    Cheers Måns Mårtensson
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