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Brain v2 with a tap tempo circuit

Hello world of the Livid!

I have been thinking about purchasing a Brain v2 to create a very large set of Pots to control my MicroKorg synthesizer. I have a vintage Yamaha QY700 sequencer that is connected to the MicroKorg's midi input. Using these together, I would like to have the Brain V2 control the sequencer, and then control my sequencer down the midi line. I want to have a massive board of knobs and faders that would allow me to manipulate many parameters of the Microkorg without diving through different menus.

Now this is the more complicated part. I would also like to have a tap tempo input that would be able to set the tempo of the sequencer. This would allow me to set the tempo of any song/pattern playing from the sequencer as well as sync the Arpeggiator, LFOs, and delay of the Microkorg simultaneously. I have found a project from "Electric Druid" that would allow me to build a very simple analog LFO signal.  The tempo of this LFO is changed with the pressing of a button and I would use this LFO signal to sync the tempo of my sequencer and therefore synthesizer. This is the link to the Tap Tempo project:

SO assuming I was able to properly build this analog circuit for about $20, I need to convert the analog input of the LFO wave to a midi tempo signal. This conceptual road-block has caused me to postpone the tap tempo project UNTIL looking up information about the Brain V2. Similar to the way you can attach analog and digital parts to send signals to the Brain, could I figure out a way route the analog LFO Tempo signal into the Brain? If so I would then be able to assign it to various midi channels and everything would be AWESOME. And if not, is there some logical way of using this cheap tap-tempo LFO project still with some modifications to achieve this goal?

[ULTIMATELY I would be able to have a number of tap tempo switches for me and also my drummer. We are experimenting with electronic sounds and looping patterns, but it would be desirable to let him set the tempo even for preset phrases. ]


  • Hi Tomrogin,

    I'm really not 100% sure about this! My first question would be:

    What voltage range is the LFO tempo signal coming out in?
    If it is between 0 and 3.3v, then you could read it like a pot with the Brain v2.

  • Mark!

    Thanks for the response. According to the datasheet from electric druid, the clock output is in pulses between 0-5V. Would there be a way to step the voltage down for use with the Brain v2 without changing the tempo of signal?

    How would I specifically setup the brain to be able to take the pulse signal and transfer that into a midi message?

    Here are pictures of the tap tempo circuit and the IC pinout that I plan to use. Hopefully they are helpful.



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