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Base II Drum Pad cc and velocity


I didn't know if this was a software or hardware issue, so I just posted here.

I just got a Base II and after going through the Livid Wiki Online Editor and trying things out, it seems I can't assign the drum pads to a fixed velocity.  What I'd like to be able to do is to assign many of them to output a different value of cc#32.
For example, when drum pad ID 24 is struck it will output cc32 at a set value of 20. When drum pad ID 25 is struck it will output cc32 at a set value of 1, etc.

According to the Livid Wiki I should be able to do this:
"fixed note velocity
You may want to turn off pressure sensitivity. This sets the velocity to a constant value, rather than varying velocity depending on how hard you hit the pad."
However, selecting the fixed note velocity "enable" button doesn't have any effect for me. When I press the pad I can see in the MIDI monitor (and in my DAW) that I'm getting velocity based values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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