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CNTRL:R - Sensitivity of buttons

Hey there,
just got my CNTRL-R two weeks ago and started using it with Traktor and Ableton.

Although I love the tool I experience to flaws that bug me a bit - I wanted to know if these are standard or if my specific CNTRL just does not work as supposed:

1) The 8 faders are mapped in Traktor as a direct Fader/Knob, so Traktor recognizes their absolute position. But, from any extreme position (with any fader) I am able to move it nearly 1 / 4 of the way before a movement is recognized in the software.

2) The buttons in the two lower rows seem to be overly sensitive. There is a great chance that one pressing of the button is recognized as two activations. (Which is really anoying, as I do Beatjumps and Loops with these buttons). I worked with several different Midi controllers before and did not experience such behaviour.

And, less important but nice to have:

The led colors can only be set to fixed speed ranges. For certain applications (like giving a LED feedback on a track's gain) it would be very helpful to be also able to change these speed ranges (e.g.: two colors sit von 0 and 127, but I would like to have them on 0-20 and 107 - 127) .

I did not find a possibility to map the LED rings once the encoders are in relative mode - I only see a meaningless blinking of the rings - any way around this?


  • Hey there,
    thanks for the comments!

    1. Faders:
    Thats a shame - if you use them as volume control on a track and that thing is connected to a club PA, it really, really hurst to not have complete control over the first few percents of the moveable range.

    2. Sensitivity:
    Regarding the firmware: I have version 119 - I will try the other version this afternoon and give you some feedback.

    3. LED velocity
    Yep, I found a workaround in mapping idfferent ranges of the value to different out ranges. And then I stumbled over inaccuracies in Trakto's outputs.. Nobody's perfect :)

    4. LED ring:

    I already set them to local control (with the Livid browser controller editor) and I am able to send out a message with Traktor that triggers the LED Rings - but in fact I do not understand to what part of the message the single LEDs of the ring are correlated to.

    Thanks again!

  • edited August 2015

    Alright, it took a while - too much stuff to do at the moment.
    I installed the other firmware, and tested for a short while, everything seems ok now with the buttons. Only the channels of the top enconders are messed up and it seems to not load into the online editor, but despite thats it should be alright..

    I'll keep trxying to load it into the editor.. thanks anyway.

  • Ah yes, just forgot - you cannot load the online editor while traktor is activated. Now this is going to be a litlle bit of a puzzle to change the channels accordingly :)

  • Hi Justin, is there any possibility to make this firmware upgrade according to the new Live script? Because I have a unit with serial number 200659 and I have a lot of issues with sensitivity, not only buttons but also potentiometers, is was suggested to send my unit to USA but It will be very expensive for me as it is out of guarantee already. I tried your fix and it seems much better with buttons but I can't work with M4L devices in new script in this way for some reason, should it work? Also it there any possibility to fix my potentiometer issue with firmware upgrade?


  • Ok, it seems the problem was because I've used 64 bit version of live, and this fixed is working, its awesome! :) thanks a lot. So is there any way to fix my potentiometer issue?

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