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Guitar Wing loses settings


my Guitar Wing has a strange issue. Yesterday I created a new mapping and saved it as a preset. Now, everytime I switch the Wing off, when I switch it on again, one pad (the one in the far left corner) has gotten back to a previous version of the mapping. I reload the preset and it works until I switch it off and on again. Then it has returned to the exact same older version again.

I remember having a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. Between then and now it has worked normally, but there's obviously a problem here.

Have you heard of Guitar Wings behaving in a similar way? I'm using the latest firmware and editor and I'm connecting without the usb dongle to my mac and ipad.



  • Are you sure that you're hitting "save" in the editor after you load the settings?

  • Oh dear! It seems like I haven't understood the function of the 'save' button in the editor. I've thought that since changes in the editor are uploaded to the device immediately - which is different from all other controller editors I've used - there was no real need for that button.

    So, do you mean that all changes are committed only when you hit 'save'?

  • Yes, hitting save will commit the changes to the Wing in a way that stores them between power cycles.

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