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Brainjr analogue input to midinotes

Hi all,

I'm contemplating using a livid board to receive analogue input from a 100mm fader, which I want to convert to midinotes. From what I have seen in the instruction videos this should be very easy to do. However, in my case I want to scale it to a certain range of notes only. E.g. 0-127 should scale to c2-g3. Is this something that can be done? If so, how do you configure that?

If this is possible I'm definitely going to give this a go.

Thanks in advance for tips and help!



  • You can definitely do this with a program like Puredata or Max/MSP.

    So you want the to create a MIDI note message at different pitches as you move the slider?

  • Yes, exactly. Coincidentally, I'm already doing this with Puredata, but I run that form my PC or laptop. I like the idea of having it all integrated in the Livid board and as far as I know it cannot be programmed, or can it? 

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