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LED response

i got led-rings surrounding my knobs which give a precise feedback under logic and cubase, but have a massive latency / respond like in blocks of 2-4 and superslow under ableton live.

pretty sure it´s a question of midi config in ableton prefs. but i can´t find a running config so far...




  • hey moon

    thanks for your mail.

    - it´s a project with 2x Brain V2

    - if i turn off "remote" there´s no more function on the encoder and no led feedback.

    how can i handle/change absoltue/relative in ableton?

  • When mapping via "learn" function in Ableton, the control will always be mapped as absolute.

    I suspect that the problem here is that Ableton doesn't send out feedback data to your controller until you've finished moving the control (so as long as its receiving changes, it waits until it thinks you're finished before it tries to update the control's led indicators).

    It works like this to avoid problems:  imagine that you're turning the encoder, and it's sending a stream of values, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.  Since there's an inherent delay in the software (even if very small), without the delay it would be sending back a delayed value which could set the control to a value you'd already sent:  you send 2, then 3, and Ableton is feeding back the 2 to your control after you've already sent 3.  You end up with a delayed feedback loop and potentially get jitter in the control.

    The only workaround I know for this situation (while using MIDI learn) is to have local control turned on for the control in question, but unfortunately I'm not sure how to do that with the Brain....maybe Justin can chime in on this one.

    Another way to deal with this issue is to use a MIDI Remote Script for your mapping (it is possible to turn off the delay via the script).

    Hope this helps explain things a bit.


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