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CNTRL:R Modifier Button?


Is it possible to have a button act as a modifier function (aka SHIFT)? Other buttons would output a different message depending on the condition of the modifier button.

Thank you,


  • Do not know if CNTRL:R has ability to switch the nidi bank via MIDI command. If so, setting up the Shift button should be possible.

  • Hi Immersive,

    My name is Mike and I am a CNTRL:R user as well. In what situation do you want to be able to use a (shift) modifier button and with what software (if any)?

    It is definitely possible but depends on how and with what you are using the CNTRLR.

  • I am using the CNTRL:R with Serato DJ. Unfortunately, Serato does not open up any functionality to use a software modifier. 

    As for using Bank Cycle, this is not ideal for my situation. I want controls to return to Bank 1 as soon as the modifier button is released.

    Will the MIDI Sysex Message work in this way?

    Thank you,
  • Hey Moon,

    I think you guys should really come up with a video tutorial on how to send Sysex messages for Livid stuff as most people find information in Wiki a bit confusing. Including me haha

  • edited June 2015


    As per Stevan's comment, can you point me in the right direction on how to accomplish sending a Sysex message to achieve what I'm trying to do for a button that modifies other controls when held down and another button is pressed?

    Much appreciated!
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