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Base 2 as mixer, and what about touch fader resolution?

Been looking to buy a Base2, but before I do, I haven't been able to find much comment about using Base2 as a mixer.

Presumably it works, but what has been the experience out there?  I would be using it together with Bitwig.  Or should I use a more traditional mixer instead ( been comparing to Nektar Panorama P1)_

And about the faders...I get it that the LEDs just show the relative levels, but is the output from the fader smooth from top to bottom, in very small increments, or is it stepped like the LED bar (like a notched knob).  It wouldn't make any sense if it is in steps, but I have to be sure.  Please let me know - nobody around here has one in stock for me to try.

TIA for the info!

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