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DS1 with Pro tools?

anyone manage to control pro tools with a DS1?
i mainly would like to record faders automations
(just like i do with my small Korg Nanokontrol)
any help much appreciated!



  • Really? no one interested?
    just can't believe it.

  • I would help happily, but I don't have ProTools... I understand there is a free versión? Are you able to try the mappings on that edition?

  • i have an ilok one, as it's my main tool;
    just can't manage to make it work with the DS1
    it would need a mackie-like mapping, or M-Audio emulation
    but i'm really not brillant on midi mapping!

    here is the text of the emulation on Nanokontrol,
    witch worked well with protools
    thanks for any help!

    How to use the Korg nanoKontrol with ProTools 8

    ProTools 8 only has support for a few controllers, but luckily the nanoKontrol can be used to emulate controls of the M-Audio Axoim 61 almost perfectly.
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    Setting up your Korg nanoKontrol

    1. Download and install the nanoKontrol USB-MIDI drivers and the Korg Kontrol Editor from korg’s site
    2. Download this scene file and open it in the Kontrol Editor.
    3. Write the scene set to your nanoKontrol.
    4. Close the Kontrol editor.

    Setting up ProTools 8

    1. Open ProTools and go to Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers

    2. Add a controller
    Type: M-Audio Keyboard
    To  : nanoKONTROL 1 CTRL
    #Chs: 8

    3. Press OK

    You should now be able to move the sliders and see a response in the mix window.

    M-Audio uses something called HyperControl to control ProTools 8.  Read the manual for more indepth information about how to control ProTools 8

    The controls on the nanoKontrol correspond to the following controls mentioned in the HyperControl manual:


    All transport buttons map to their corresponding buttons in HyperControl. Play, stop, rewind, forward and record act as you would expect in in PT8′s transport window. Holding the loop button while pressing the transport keys gives more options. Loop + Play enables loop play, and Loop + Record enables loop record. Loop + Stop will undo the last action and Loop + RR or FF moves to the beginning or end of the song.

    Sliders 1-8

    Sliders 1-8 control the corresponding sliders in Protools. The sliders are controlled in banks of 8.8. The bank will change if you select a track outside of the current bank of 8, or if you use the change bank buttons.

    Slider 9

    Maps the rightmost master fader.

    Pan Knobs 1-8

    The knobs unfortunately are not emulated correctly. This is due to the fact the Axiom 61 uses “endless” knobs while the nanoKontrol uses absolute knobs. The knobs can reliably give settings of full left, centered or full right. Normally the knobs are mapped to pan controls, though this can change

    Upper button row

    1 – < Track (Previous Track)
    2 – Track > (Next Track)
    3 – < Bank (Previous Bank)
    4 – Bank > (Next Bank)
    5 – unused
    6 – unused
    7 – Mute selected
    8 – Solo Selected
    9 – Mode Button

    The Mode button switches between mixer mode and insert mode. When in Mixer mode the nanoKontrol’s knobs control PT8′s mixer pan knobs. In insert mode the knobs are used to control plug in knobs or settings.

    Lower Button row

    1 thru 8 – Slider buttons
    9 – Flip button

    In mixer mode the flip button switches the use of the slider buttons between these functions:

    Select track
    Arm track to record
    Mute track
    Solo track

    In insert mode, the flip button switches the functions of the pan and slider knobs.

    How to control Plug ins with the nanoKontrol

    Most users will probably be satisfied being able to use the transport and sliders with the basic button functions. If you would like to also edit plug in controls, you need to enable the Insertmode with the mode button. In insert mode, you can use the knobs to change the values of the plug in controls. Unfortunately though, knob emulation doesn’t work very well with the nanoKontrol. You can use the flip button in Insert Mode to switch the function of the knobs and sliders. Then the sliders will control the plug in (and the knobs will control PT mixer faders). This can get a little confusing because there are no visual indicators on the nanoKontrol to let you know the status of the Mode or Flip buttons.

    Finally, if you want to use the knobs to correctly control the plug ins, I swapped the CC#s of the sliders and faders between Scene 1 and Scene 2 (Scene 3 and 4 are copies of 1 and 2).


    To edit plug ins with sliders
    1. Press Mode
    2. Press Flip
    3. Enable Scene 1 or 3

    To edit plug ins with knobs
    1. Press Mode
    2. Press Flip
    3. Enable Scene 2 or 4

    Here is a list of the CC#s used by the M-Audio Axiom 61. You can use these values to set up other controllers or create your own nanoKontrol scenes.


    12 – mute selected track
    13 – solo selected track
    14 – move bank left
    15 – move bank right

    17 thru 24 – Pan knobs (incremental/endless)

    33 thru 40 – faders
    41 – master fader

    49 thru 56 – Slider Buttons
    57 – Flip button

    109 – Mode button
    110 – Prev track
    111 – Next track

    113 – Loop button
    114 – Rewind
    115 – Fast Forward
    116 – Stop
    117 – Play
    118 – Record

    Thanks to Analysis_SR at the DUC for most of the MIDI CC info

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