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Can I use Mayhew Lab Encoder/Led ring with Brain v2?

edited May 2015 in Hardware

Can I use this encoder/ring leds from Mayhew Lab with Brain v2?

Mayhew Lab Encoder/Ring led video:

Is it possible?


  • edited May 2015

    So if I want to use 32 encoders with led-ring , considering that the Brain v2 limit is 192 leds, I get 32 led-rings with 6 leds each. Hmmm... Led-rings with 6 leds seems ridiculous :(

    Is there any way you could get 32 encoders with led-rings of 11 leds each?
    I suppose that is not possible with brain v2.
  • You can use multiple Brain v2s together!

  • Good idea, Mark!

    But I really think about to use two Brains together for a few leds is too expensive.
    Thanks you both.
  • I suppose you know Access Virus TI. It has a LED which turn on a white light when a rotary potenciometer is in the assigned value of the CC. Is it possible to do in Livid Brain v2?

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