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Advanced LED Ring Styles?

Hi @Livid Instruments!

Would it be possible to offer more than the given 4 LED Ring Styles on the Code/CNTRL:R at all, perhaps in a new firmware update?
According to the Settings Channel Specification ( there are twelve remaining/reserved slots in the CC chart to assign further Ring Modes to… I was thinking of maybe:

HP/negative FILL Mode :: LEDs above the current encoder/ring value are lit
Notch Q/negative SPREAD Mode: increasing values turn off LEDs to the left/right
DEC/inverted WALK Mode: !- 127 —> LED walks from 127 to 0 when twisting encoder clockwise

it would really be awesome to implement these styles as well… possible!?

Rock On.


  • Thank you for the suggestions! We will take this into consideration the next time we're working on Brain v2 firmware.


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