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DrumSteppr Mutes not working for all pads

Hi guys,

The drumsteppr mutes are not working properly, some pads get muted, and others will not mute (for example the Kick on C1).

Also the problem with the cntrlr to rules is still present. When you switch to cntrlr to rules all is fine, then when you switch back to cntrlr to mutes the parameter names are not updating.

Hopefully you get the chance to finally look at this issue, since I reported the latter a few months ago and still got no answer or fix for this.

Mike Bosch


  • There are 2 scripts available for CNTRL:R - the original, and the recent Livid_CNTRLR_2. Which one are you using? 

  • I am using the latest CNTRLR_2 script. It is slightly adapted so I have the sends on the right side and the first three device parameter controls on the left side.

  • edited April 2015
    Hey Mike, 

    It would probably be better to keep this in the original thread, where there is more documentation of the problem:

    I've looked at this extensively in the past, and simply haven't been able to reproduce the problem with the mutes/behaviors on my end.  I'm looking at it again now.  Do you get in errors in the Max window?  Which version of Max/Live are you using for this?

    Regarding certain mute malfunctioning: I suspect it has something to do with how you've ordered the sounds in your drumrack.  It's very important that the chains in your drumrack are in the correct order or the mutes will not work properly.

    I'm pretty certain we're talking about CNTRLR_2 script here, right?

  • Hi Amounra,

    I am using Max 6 and also got the full Max 6 software installed, so not just max for live. As far as I can see there are no errors in the Max window but I can check this again.

    Regarding mute functionality, I am well aware of the order to setup the drumrack and all the chains to be correctly setup with the notes, but I will also check this again. Yesterday I downloaded the project with the stepprs again and I'll give it another try, because I don't know what else to do with it then to use other devices for my live sets, because I cannot use anything that doesn't function properly in my live sets.

    Thanks for looking into this and I will report back after doing some checks again this evening.

  • I was able to find some problems with my current version of the device using Live 9.18 and Max 6.10, I'm pretty sure they may be causing the trouble with parameter names not updating.  I'll drop you an email when I get some fixes pushed to github, hopefully a little later today.  Are you using Max7 at all yet?

    FWIW, the way the mutes work in the steppr really isn't ideal, but its a throwback to the way things worked in Live8 and would require some big changes in order to rectify....but I'll do my best to fix anything that's wrong if we can nail it down to a specific problem.
  • Thanks Amounra,

    Let me know when you got anything fixed, obviously parameter names is the most important for me so I can see what is being controlled.

  • There's a small change I made to one of the javascript files that should fix your problem.  It may be a little while before the changes make their way into the official installer, but in the meantime you can get the new version from the Mod github package (

    I think you already know where all the files go, but if not please let me know and I can give you more specific instructions....and of course, let me know if that solves the problem (it did for me once I was finally able to reproduce your results).


  • Thanks Amounra,

    I'll give it a try later today.

  • Hey Amounra,

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but the problem with parameter names is still there. I tried in my live set, in an empty set and in many different ways, but the problem is still there. I will wait till there is a new update, because at the moment I don't have any time to keep testing, since I got some weekly sessions going on now. I will use Numerology as a VST for my sequences from now on since it is more powerful and very stable.

    Once the new updated devices are released I will give them a try again, but for now I will leave them aside.

  • Hey Amounra,

    I think the cntrlr to mutes issue will be fixed with the new Ableton 9.2, they have announced a bug fix that some remote parameters would not work properly on max for live devices, so maybe this will be the solution to the issue. I will wait for the new release but I will also download the beta today to see if it works properly this evening.

    Mike Bosch
  • Hi Guys,

    I have tried this with the new Ableton beta, but it doesn't solve the problem, however I realised that it might be caused by some max for live devices in the drum rack so I will do some further testing later this evening and let you guys know what I can find out about this issue.

  • Thanks, let us know what you discover....unfortunately this is a hard one for us since we can't reproduce the problem.

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