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CNTRLR State Follow

I have a set of buttons assigned as toggles.  If I toggle them with the control surface, all is well.  If I toggle them from the software, all is well.  If I toggle the button from software, then hit the hardware button, nothing happens on the first hit, only the second.  I have confirmed the proper MIDI codes are being transferred. It is as if the CNTRLR does not recognize "state".  Even though the hardware LED responds to the software button, it is as if the CNTRLR didn't really recognize that I changed the state of the button,  So then I need to hit it twice in hardware to make the software change.  This is not acting truly bidirectional (IMO) and is throwing me off.



  • Hi Partiflux,

    I would like to help you out, but can you specify how you use your CNTRL:R and also with what software?

  • Hi Mike,

    I am using it with Usine Hollyhock on Win 7.  No scripts are involved and for the most part default mappings are being used.  Hollyhock has a "motorized" setting, that among other things sends MIDI back out to the CNTRL:R.  At the moment I am working on mute toggles for racks (think tracks). I know the CNTRL;R is getting the proper MIDI because I can watch it go out in Usine, and the CNTRL:R LED lights up.  The setup works flawlessly when managing the mute on the screen and the mute on the CNTRL:R, but not if I go between the interfaces (screen <-> hardware).  I haven't ruled out the software, but it takes time to examine.  Still working on it.

  • I was able to rewire things and got it to work as expected.  I set the CNTRL:R buttons to momentary instead of toggle.  The toggle and motorized functionality within Hollyhock then makes it work as expected.  Yay!

  • Hi Partiflux,

    Great to hear and fortunately I have Usine Hollyhock as well and was planning to start using it more. I'm very interested in what you have set up and will have a look myself later today as well.

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