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DS1 Faders & Ableton Live 9

Hi, can I set the ds1 faders up to 0db and not 6db max ? if yes. how can I do?




  • If you are using MIDI Learn in Ableton Live, then you can set the min and max value for each fader!

  • Rafdask are you using  the Ds1 remote script ?   you can remap   the faders like  says Mark,   with the Midi Learn, and set the Max value  to 0 Db.....  :)

  • Ah ok! Thank you very much! :)


  • Hey Guys.. I use the DS1 Live Remote scripts but if I try to map the fader on Ableton does not assign anything.. Other midi controls work correctly..

  • Be sure that you have "track" and "remote" enabled for the DS1(controls) in Ableton's MIDI preferences window.

    Is MIDI coming into Ableton when you move that fader?

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