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Brain Jr. + Omni Breakout - LED Issue

Hi there,

I am new to this forum and new to DIY MIDI controllers but I have a few problems which I have not been able to solve and I was hoping I could find answers here. I am using the Brain Jr. + omni breakout shield + two omni boards - One with 16 buttons and LEDs and the other with 16 rotary potentiometers.

 I want to test out the button pad but the LEDs only turn on when i press (All LEDs on) in [Tools] and when I press "button local control" only certain LEDs turn on but not with their corresponding buttons.
With [Tools] I sent notes from 0 to 127 and not all the LEDs turned on... <--- My omni board issue

I haven't tested the Brain Jr. with a DAW or pure data but I would like to solve this issue first before I start testing. Can someone give me some help on this issue as this is a college project and I need to finish it ASAP.


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