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Guitar Wing - Connection Utility - Beta

edited March 2015 in Software Discussion

This utility is designed to allow you to control the Guitar Wing's USB Receiver using a MIDI Controller.
Wing Connect allows you to assure the Guitar Wing's connection to the USB Receiver without having to physically touch the computer.
This can be especially useful when the Guitar Wing has knowingly gone out of range, run out of juice, or otherwise been disconnected for some reason, and the computer system is embedded, hidden, or without a visible display.

This program only manages connection on the USB Receiver, and it does not manage direct connections of the new 'Apple MIDI over Bluetooth'.

Downloads: Supported Operating Systems
- Mac OS X (10.6+)
- Ubuntu (12.04+)
---  and most other Linux flavors that use ALSA
*Windows is only partially supported (see below).

Downloads: Partially Supported Operating Systems

Windows does not provide a MIDI Backend that allows more than one connection per port, by default. 
This utility is fairly useless on windows for most users, as it would tie up both the Guitar Wing and another MIDI Controller from being used by any other applications.
We provide this link solely for the power users who have worked around this issue.
- Windows (7+)

Known Issues

- The GUI is very rudimentary.
- This program only manages connection on the USB Receiver, and it does not manage direct connections of the new 'Apple MIDI over Bluetooth'.

- When the program 'resets' the midi connection, it also disconnects and reconnects from the 'external midi controller'.
It will re-find the the 'external midi controller' by name.

Getting Started
1. Download and Extract the Program.
2. Open the app ('gwing_connect')
3. Use the 'connect' bar at the bottom to manage the connection between the USB-Receiver and the Guitar Wing manually (if desired). You get 'direct connect' options if you are already connected to a guitar wing before you 'map' a control.
4. At the top, select the midi port of the midi controller that you would like to use to manage the connection.
5. Click the 'learn' button to enable midi learning.
6. Press and hold the button that you would like to trigger the Bluetooth Connection.
- You should see the midi message display change on-screen.
7. Click the 'learn' button to disable further midi learning.
- You can also uncheck the checkbox at the top left to disable any changes to the learnt message.
8. Select an Action. If you followed step '3'. The most direct action to get reconnected to your guitar wing will be labeled something like:
- 'Livid Guitar Wing - aabbccddeeff'
9. Press the button on your external midi controller that you previously mapped to ensure the connection with your Guitar Wing.
- Using the example action in step '8',
--- If the controller is already connected, it stays connected
--- If the USB Receiver is connected to another Guitar Wing or Device, it will disconnect and then connected to the device selected in the 'Action' drop-down.
--- If the USB Receiver isn't found (has been unplugged and replugged), the Guitar Wing Connect will reset the midi system, reconnect to the MIDI Ports, and connect to the selected device.

Planned Updates
- Adding a 'send' section to provide LED Feedback for the status of the Connection to the external 'midi controller' ('idle', 'connecting', 'connected successfully').
- GUI Cleanup


  • Ok i found  a way to autoreconnect on each mesure (or more on Mac).

    1) Create loop midi driver "iac Bus" in midi settings
    2) In your Daw create a midi track lopped on one or two measures that output to iac Bus 
    3) In the connection utility choose iac bus at input
    4) Learn with the connection utility button, select note off filter (to have only one message)
    5) Choose your "Livid guitar Wind - a95xxxxxxx"
    Each time the dawn will play your loop it will auto reconnect to the Guitar Wing.
    Hope to see connection utility with a save mode....

    I have somme issue with new firmware 1.18 on SL, range is very short i get a lot of disconnect, but with 0.59 it work fine. But in Mavericks with 1.18 range is ok. So i downgraded cause my show computer is using Snow Leopard

  • Hi djk314,
    Good to see you again!

    About the Range/Disconnection issues with Firmware version v1.18 on Snow Leopard.
    Thank you for the report.
    This is the first I have heard of this, so I will try to duplicate this issue, and see what's happening.

    One question...
    Is this early disconnection only occuring when your 'auto-connect loop' is running?

  • edited May 2015

    Hi, no it disconnect on normal use (with loop i didn't tested yet). May be it's range, may be it's a connection time out, don't have time to investigate. I bought an ipod touch and i use your midi le to replace usb dongle (but i didn't try this setup with 0.59) with 1.18 firmware. Hope this is not a time out problem cause couldn't test at now how many time is keep connected. I keep the ipod on me and the ipod is linked to my Snow leopard Mac by Wifi. So no more disconnect with a far better range on Wifi. Ipod can do Bluetooth->Wifi replacement dongle. I'm trying this too

  • edited May 2015

    Let me know if this version fixes that for you:
    Guitar Wing - Firmware - v1.22

    This update also uses the Bottom-Left button as a connection status indicator.
    It blinks when the guitar wing is disconnected, which should also help you pin down the issue if the firmware update does not fix it.

  • I think it fixed a little but the connection time is longer than before.

  • Okay, thanks for the input.
    I unfortunately haven't been able to duplicate the issue here, yet,
    which certainly makes it harder to fix.
    I will keep trying though, and see what I can find.

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